Our press-in lid is uniquely
designed with a center recess to fit the contours of your face.

No obstructions, just comfort.

Innovative upgrade for your mugs and tumblers

Head tilt, gone

The patented Ruumi lid doesn’t bump your nose like traditional lids do, so it feels like sipping from an open cup. Now you can take that last sip without ever tilting back your head.

Thoughtfully convenient

Avoid spills and keep your drink warmer while enjoying clear sightlines on the road and at your home or office. Every aspect of our lid has been optimally designed to create the best sipping and handling experience possible.

Explore the lid

Watch a firsthand review of Ruumi’s original features compared to traditional lids.

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Crafted for compatibility

Ruumi pairs seamlessly with a wide variety of cup sizes, styles and colors.

Ruumi fits press-in lid style cups

Sip to believe it

Ruumi fits press-in lid style cups with an interior diameter of 82 mm/3.23 in, including these compatible brands.

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A: Pressure equalizing vents are placed higher than the central recess to minimize spills when you drink. The slider arms reach higher to cover these vents, while also providing flexibility for slider removal and click-in-position functionality.

A: No, it’s quick and easy to do. Slightly lift the left slider arm and push forward from the center. The slider should come right out. To install, position the slider in the provided grooves, then press down on the center and slide back.

A: The exterior of the gasket is exposed to coffee and will stain over time. However, the interior wraps tightly around the lid and is more protected from staining. This is the section of the gasket visible from the top view and should remain unblemished for a long time.

A: It’s almost impossible to see a difference. The patented lid design takes up very little space below the fill line of the cup.

A: Yes, the lid is designed specifically for that. Even traditional lids come in regular contact with liquid when cups are tilted or shaken—we just don’t think much about it. When this happens with a Ruumi lid, the PBA free, FDA compliant Tritan material is perfectly safe for extra assurance.

A: There is no official standard, but there seems to be a preferred size among many brands with cups ranging from 10-24 oz that fit the Ruumi lid. It is important to check our Compatible Cups list to make sure the lid is a good fit. Even though other brands may look similar, they may not adhere securely.

A: It might, but should be tested on a case-by-case basis. We currently do not offer mug compatibility standards due to the wide variance of sizes and styles on the market.