Tilting your head back from its natural state isn't just uncomfortable. It's distracting. Conventional lids not only strain your neck, they get in the way of your nose and your ability to see what’s right in front of you. With Ruumi Cup, we decided to fix this. To provide a new, more innovative cup and lid that effortlessly fits the contour of your face. And, more importantly, helps keep your head in its most natural position – level. So, now you can enjoy the perfect coffee, tea, and day, without anything to get in the way of it.​


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  • LETS YOU KEEP YOUR HEAD LEVEL - Easily focus on the task at hand while holding your head in its most natural position.
  • PERFECTLY FITS YOUR FACE AND NOSE - Frees your nose from constantly hitting the lid each time you take a sip.
  • AN OPEN CUP FEEL, IN A TO-GO CUP - Feel like you’re drinking from your favorite mug at home, even when you’re nowhere near it.
  • GIVES YOU MORE TO ENJOY - Go ahead and fill your cup almost to the brim to enjoy more of your beverage in a smaller package.
  • FEWER SPLASHES - Internal design reduces sloshing limiting the need of using a stopper. Great when you prefer to keep things neat and simple.

Discover the New, More Natural Way to Enjoy the Perfect Cup of Coffee.


  • I just love my Rummi Cup and get asked about it at work all the time. When I went back to using a “normal” cup, I was surprised how much I had gotten used to not tilting my head back – it’s like closing my eyes every time I drink compared to keeping them open! Thanks for your creative design. I believe this is the new design of the future!
    Georgia G.
  • I’m a huge coffee drinker and never gave much thought to how uncomfortable and awkward it was using a standard travel mug. But then a friend lent me a Ruumi Cup and I’m blown away. The lid has a cavity for my nose, which allows the cup to tilt but not my head. Such a huge difference! Now I can fully focus on the road and my task. You really have to give it a try.
    Michael K.
  • I LOVE this cup!!! I never imagined how convenient not having to tilt your head back could be. It is like taking my favorite mug I use at home on the go. Really! Also, I hate getting burned by my coffee which takes so long to cool down when I put it in any of the insulated mugs I own. That’s why I like paper cups but I don’t like the waste. Ruumi Cup allows the drink to cool quickly to just the right temp in order for me to sip without hurting myself. Looks like they thought of everything! I highly recommend it!
    Lorna P.
  • I didn’t realize how habitual the head tilt is when drinking a covered cup of tea until I took my first sip from the Ruumi cup. I naturally tilted my head back then I realized I didn’t need to do that or take my eyes off my companion. During my second sip, I never broke eye contact and recognized how sweet this cup really is! I really like the clean look of the white cup and the wrap keeps my hands comfortable but lets me know when my drink is still too hot to drink. This is a great new concept and I will buy them as gifts for friends and family.
    Katie B.
  • The Ruumi Cup feels like the perfect travel mug – only better!  Even before you take a sip, you can sense its shape and texture to be somehow “just right.”  But what really blows me away every time is that first sip.  Something’s missing!  That unpleasant feeling of a lid pressing on my nose is something I’ve almost come to expect, but with the Ruumi Cup, there’s none of it!  I’m free to breathe and drink with my head level, exactly as if I were sipping from an open cup, but without the risk of spills. It’s like the best of both worlds.
    Louisa P.



Q: Is the beverage going to be affected by contacting the lid?
A: Not at all. As with any travel mug, the liquid is in constant contact with the cup and occasionally splashes into the lid. There is no difference between being in contact with the cup or the lid. The occasions when the lid is partially immersed in the liquid make no difference to the beverage, but a huge difference in terms of convenience.
Q: Is it possible that the cup will overflow when you twist on the lid?
A: No. Because we optimized the cavity with a narrower shape toward the bottom, the volume displaced is kept to a minimum. Tests confirm that the liquid level rises less than a millimeter when the lid is applied.
Q: Can the hot liquid burn your nose through the lid?
A: Absolutely not. The liquid touches the lid only when the cup is at its fullest, when little tilting is required. By the time the nose enters the cavity during tilting, the liquid has long since receded below the contact level.
Q: Since some space is taken up under the lid, will the liquid spill more?
A: No. We created special compartments under the lid to absorb splashes and make the cup effectively spill-resistant.
Q: Does this design actually reduce spills? How?
A: Yes. The most spill-prone direction in which a mug can be shaken is in line with the open sip hole. This is because a mini-wave from the opposite side increases its strength while traveling toward the sip hole. In our case, the central concavity of the lid acts as breakwater against such sloshes, keeping the wave from fully developing.