Why Ruumi may be the Greenest Travel Cup on Earth

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September 5, 2017

Why Ruumi may be the Greenest Travel Cup on Earth

Ruumi Cup on shelf with other cups

You see travel cups for sale everywhere you go, but which of them is greenest? Some sport glitzy colors, other tout double walls, but how do you know which is actually the most environmentally sound?  Answer: the greenest cup is the one that actually gets used, the one you enjoy drinking from enough to use again and again.

Sure, everybody likes the idea of a reusable cup.

Unfortunately, the fact is that in practice, most travel cups prove cumbersome, leaky and uncomfortable to drink from. Rather than becoming items of everyday use, they are more often left at home and eventually end up in the landfill.

So the question arises, what if someone were to design a travel cup that was a pleasure to use rather than a frustration? Ruumi Cup achieves just that. Presented in a minimalistic, classic design, Ruumi Cup is so sleek, leak-proof and comfortable to drink from that people will prefer it to a standard disposable cup.

People love their Ruumi Cup for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, Ruumi features the world’s first truly ergonomic lid. It has a cleverly designed recess in its center, much deeper than any other cup on the market, which accommodates the nose completely. Even as users take the last sips of their drink, nothing bumps or comes into contact with their nose. That also means no more tilting their head back every time they take a sip. The sensation is surprisingly liberating – like drinking from an open cup.

Beyond this, there are other features that add to Ruumi’s everyday convenience. Unique raisers lift the sip hole off a potentially contaminated area when the lid is set down. Partially insulated walls provide the optimum cooling or warming capability. When sipping hot drinks, users don’t have to wait forever before taking their first sip or worry about scalding their tongue. At the same time, drinks stay warm long enough to be enjoyed.

One Ruumi Cup owner had this to say:

“I feel guilty every time I throw away another disposable cup, because I drink a lot of beverages on the go. So over the years, I’ve bought about six reusable travel cups, each time with the resolution to carry it with me and live more greenly. The problem is, every one of these cups dripped from the seams and eventually… well, they got stinky! Ruumi is the first cup that I’ve used literally over a hundred times. It’s a pleasure to drink from, never leaks a bit, and washes 100% clean with no residual odors. The lid is my favorite part. I don’t have to tip my head back while I drink, so I can actually continue reading my book or whatever it is I’m doing. Overall, it’s no exaggeration to say that I love my Ruumi Cup.”

No cup is green if it gets discarded after just a few uses. The time has come for reusable travel cups to address things that really matter to people, guaranteeing they actually keep using a cup once it’s no longer new. Ruumi’s innovative design and quality materials insure that it will stand the test of time and keep paper cups out of landfills. When people identify with and love their travel cup, then you have a truly green product.


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